1) ADV-GRADED: ADV with cl/group, ADV before v You use evidently to say that something is obviously true, for example because you have seen evidence of it yourself.

The man wore a bathrobe and had evidently just come from the bathroom...

The two Russians evidently knew each other.

clearly, obviously
2) ADV-GRADED: ADV with cl/group, ADV before v You use evidently to show that you think something is true or have been told something is true, but that you are not sure, because you do not have enough information or proof.

From childhood, he was evidently at once rebellious and precocious...

Ellis evidently wished to negotiate downwards after Atkinson had set the guidelines.

3) ADV-GRADED: ADV with cl (emphasis) You can use evidently to introduce a statement or opinion and to emphasize that you feel that it is true or correct. [FORMAL]

Quite evidently, it has nothing to do with social background.

English dictionary. 2008.

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